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We all face situations in our day to day life wherein we put the inherent management skills to sail the boat. We need to learn yet much more from each other experiences. At Managementrendz share the experiences and lets learn to blend the knowledge areas.


To truly make a difference, organizations must examine the social impact of their projects from the start. Only then, with meticulous planning and tracking, can companies deliver projects that generate benefits across the enterprise—and the world at large. The challenge lies in finding a way to bake the concept of positive social impact into all projects. Just like other intended benefits, positive social impact must be tracked and measured to make sure initiatives deliver their intended value. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows: Teams must anticipate and mitigate any negative social impact, too.


Responsibility. Respect. Fairness. Honesty. Those are the values which drive ethical behavior reflected in the Professional Conduct. Professionals face decisions and ethical dilemmas every day. While Professionals often know what to do, how to do it can become a challenge, and when stakeholder interests conflict, ethics enter the picture. Ethics is the discipline of “how to do it best.”

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