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Constant change & Sustainability!

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Planning tools are software solutions that help create a plan that defines the scope, cost, schedule, resources, and risks related to a program. They offer features such as Gantt charts, resource scheduling, and calendar management to help managers create a timeline and allocate work.

Planning software also offers team collaboration features such as shared activity dashboards that help team members stay on the same page regarding allocated tasks and inform them about upcoming deadlines.

Sustainability is about how organizations manage financial, social and environmental risks to ensure their business can continue to operate, regardless of obstacles such as resource shortages, environmental disasters, and social and political events. It also relates to green practices and business continuity planning, as well as stakeholder engagement.

In a business world of constant change and disruption, program and portfolio management are the bridges that connect strategy to implementation. Overarching these functions, project portfolio management enables executives to meet organizational goals and objectives through efficient decision making. Portfolio management is both a mindset and a competency that keeps organizations focused on priorities and change factors.

Driving systemic change depends on collaboration and inclusion, both within and outside the business: employees, partners, customers, and communities at local, national, and global levels. More specifically, it relies on an ecosystem of change-makers—all those who can turn ideas into reality, whether through transformational change or contribution to value delivery.

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