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Increase the probability of Project success!

Updated: May 4, 2021

The ability to plan, analyze, and mitigate product and program obstacles to success and take advantage of opportunities is key to innovation and to delivering highly successful products and services that customers will buy. In order to increase the probability of project success, we need updated project success criteria that more accurately reflects how business looks at projects as business investments.

Why Great Ideas Fail and How to Make Sure They Don't

• Acknowledge that strategy delivery is just as important as strategy design

• Accept that you’re accountable for delivering the strategy you designed

• Dedicate and mobilize the right resources

• Leverage insight on customers and competitors

• Be bold, stay focused and keep it as simple as possible

• Promote team engagement and effective cross-business cooperation

• Demonstrate bias toward decision-making and own the decisions you make

• Check ongoing initiatives before committing to new ones

• Develop robust plans but allow for missteps – fail fast to learn fast

• Celebrate success and recognize those who have done good work

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